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    Chronic (ongoing) muscular, skeletal or joint pain can be seriously debilitating. Movement becomes difficult and the constant pain can leave you tired, anxious and depressed. Without help, quality of life can be impaired.
    But, don’t despair, at Medcare we offer a combination of treatments, including osteopathy and physiotherapy, to deal with pain and the causes of pain.

    Chronic Pains
    Physiotherapy Alicante offers many benefits all of which can enable you to live a healthy and active lifestyle. For chronically ill, disabled, or senior individuals physiotherapy is important in recovering and maintaining physical function so that you can continue to live independently. physiotherapy clinic Physiotherapy pushes your physical limitations successfully to establish your freedom to function. The benefits of physiotherapy Alicante include enhanced cardio-respiratory function, increased coordination and strength, improved joint mobility, and reduced pain. paediatric physiotherapy Physiotherapy Alicante provides various specialized benefits to patients with cancer, nerve injury, spinal cord, brain injury, stroke, arthritic joints, amputations, traumatic athletic and workplace injuries, and lung or heart disease.
    Sports Injuries
    As a home physiotherapist in Alicante, I believe that exercise therapy is essential in strengthening patients’ muscles and making sure that the muscles are functioning optimally. sports physiotherapy Medical studies have shown physiotherapy exercises as one of the most efficient ways to reduce and prevent pain. Physiotherapy is helpful in restoring a balanced mental state that is essential for holistic treatment. Depending on each patient’s condition, I will incorporate an applicable dosage of exercise to be undertaken daily to boost rehabilitation. The exercises span from single postures to high-level and they will help your body repair internally. whiplash treatment Home physiotherapy sessions are constructed to propel the patient towards a faster recovery whether it is a sports injury, an ankle injury, or a knee injury.
    Hip Pain
    When you schedule an appointment, I will conduct a comprehensive assessment, which includes cardio-respiratory status, sensation, reflexes, joint range of motion, strength, movement patterns, a pain evaluation, and your health history. care physiotherapy I will also look at any relevant surgical notes, medical records, lab tests, and x-rays. Based on my assessment, I will establish your diagnosis and work in coordination with you to set up personalized goals and a customized treatment program. Physiotherapy treatments comprise work hardening, electrical modalities, acupuncture, manual therapy, and of course, therapeutic exercises. physiotherapy rehabilitation My services are aimed at emphasizing what you can already do yourself and educating you to prevent disability and future injuries. READ MORE

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