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    Attractive Multicolour Jute Shoulder Handbag for Smart Look Handbags bag for girls »

    This is very attractive shoulder handbag with small pocket in the front. It is fabulous handheld handbag for teenage girls and women. It includes 2 inner chain pockets. It is useful for college, coaching, shopping, outing, picnic, travelling and some other places as well. They can take all the essential accessories like mobile, passport, ID card, money and some accessories in this bag. It is very light weight handbag and easy to carry. This handbag is really amazing item to gift for women and girls. This handbag size is 59x40x11 cm (LWH).

    • Shoulder bag for girl.pdf (246.3 КБ)
      Shoulder bag for girl.pdf (246.3 КБ)
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