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    DishPointer_Pro.2.2.1.apk DishPointer_Pro.2.2.1 »

    Instructions, Please read them carefully...
    1. Download this App to your Computer and move to your Android MicroSD Device.
    2. If you download direct to your device use ES File Explorer File Manager to
    rename file extension from .zip back to .apk (Download from Google Play)
    3. Then download the Installer app and open it to scan your MicroSD Card.
    4. Locate the DP_Pro app on your MicroSD Card (Download folder) and install it.

    If you like and use this app then please support the developer by purchasing it.

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    • DishPointer_Pro.2.2.1.apk (214.2 КБ)
      DishPointer_Pro.2.2.1.apk (214.2 КБ)
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